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Latinas are strong women, descended from warriors who fought for their families and communities. Each day, Latinas put on their “armor” and go out into the world to fight for our families and communities. The 2020 election is the most important one of our lifetimes. Sitting out is not an option. At MANA, we want to do everything we can to be sure Latinas understand their power at the ballot box and VOTE!

Founded in 1974, MANA, A National Latina Organization® (MANA) is a national grassroots membership organization with chapters, individual members and affiliates across the country. MANA represents the interests of Latina women, youth and families on issues that impact our communities. MANA contributes the leading Latina voice on many of the major issues in the  public sphere, particularly in the areas of education, health and well-being, financial literacy, equal and civil rights, and immigration reform. Chapters and Affiliates provide programming locally to educate and empower our communities nationwide. Our values are rooted in serving the community through leadership development, educational workshops, mentoring the next generation of leaders, and building the structures to support continued Latina success. Learn more about us at:

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